Now what does this small word ‘design’ mean ; as much as i am told it has two meanings-

(a) Noun- a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function of something before it is build or made.

(b) Verb – to decide upon the look and functioning of something, especially by making a detailed drawing of it.

Pretty straight forward huh!!!!!!

wait let me correct you

if you are thinking a mere definition is sufficient to ‘define’ it, you are wrong from all corners.

It can not be defined. The very term ‘definition’ puts a restriction, a rule that has to be satisfied by something to be called a design, but design is something else. It’s not se feeble that can be encased and sold in the form of a definition, two lines cannot formulate it i tell you. It is not restricted to meaning, to art, to form or to function; to product, to communication; to music, to dance, to expression, to emotions…..  yes it is not and will never be.

A doubt people generally have which reflects how much they can digest something that goes a little away from their way of doing things….. do we just draw and color ????

We create what you all can see, touch and feel, we give emotions to objects, we make things breathe just through a stroke of pencil…… how magical can you get beyond that ???

This here is not an explanation nor an attempt to change mentalities, it’s a reply to all who had those doubts we talked about right now, to all those who have just learned to laugh while walking away from something they don’t understand.

I finally have the meanings clear in my mind…… hoping same for you


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