Me and Shamik have always been enthusiastic for things related to design; and as all enthusiasts we also want to hit something big someday…one day, i tell you.

Things started with us trying to compete in competitions which will make us better and do give us a sleek chance of winning [:P]. We ended up screwing 2 competitions; in one we designed on a last year’s problem statement and in one ended up forgetting registered id’s last day…..yeah i know pathetic.

But this time we are gonna do it big… this time we will do things…. that too with a touch … the designer’s touch i call

Dedicated to that my first rendered image and my first designed product which will enter a competition…

the details can be found here




2 thoughts on “Comma

  1. Harshal

    This one’s your greatest innovation of all times.
    I personally love it !
    I find it simply perfect (regardless of the results of the competition).

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