Office Organizer


In our 3rd semester, under the course Elements of Design’ we were given a problem; we were supposed to come up with an office organizer according to our own ‘table-top needs’.
The constraints were to use a provided 8’x14′ sheet metal piece and we were not to completely remove any par.
I made a mobile phone holder in mine which i generally use when i keep my phone for charging and since i was not to remove metal i bended the metal for the groove which turned out to become a secret pencil holder which is not noticeable to anyone because it lies at the back [:D]




2 thoughts on “Office Organizer

  1. dude… s-l-o-o-o-o-w-w !!
    first, no uploads for months-at-end, and then, so many…now i regret being too lazy to comment on all of them at the same time [:/]

    so here’s an encapsulated reply: awesumm! [:P]

    btw, when you said “table top needs”, i dunno why, but a kinky picture flashed thru my head, and i figured that well …
    for my (imaginary-) table top needs, i’d much rather have an empty table, with a cushioned velvet top, a hot secretary, and, uhm…you get the point. [:D]


    • jsmtsethi

      ya i know i’ve been inactive uploading this blog from long… you know portfolio and stuff…

      yaar cheating u can’t condense all that in one comment [:(] oops…. [o:(]

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