Design ‘+’ Nature



God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars.  ~Martin Luther

There is always something fascinating in nature. The way a small ant can lift objects many times heavier than itself; being so powerful, yet so small. The objects we see tend to surprise us with beauty and yet their simplicity. Not just in terms of visual appeal, but also in terms of solution they present. The form, the color, the feel, the smell; they way it tingles with our senses, providing not just a solution but an experience. Isn’t this supposed to be the essence of Design?? Then why are the solutions we tend to provide, so artificial??

Observing closely what i was able to extract was that nature follows a process too, namely Evolution. The constant hit and trial repeated millions of time in millions of years, changing one small thing every time. The reason the world we see around us still exists is the constant evolution of the lifeforms and the systems. One thing in particular that fascinates me is the ‘Adaptability’ that these things possess. Things are not designed to fit just one particular scenario but as i said they are adaptable to multiple situations.

This has made me curious about exploring this particular fact in my future works. The problem which i see at present is that we adapt to the designs we have; i want to acheive the opposite. How can one design adapt to the user or the target group. The concent of  “polymorphism”, can it be applied to designs or design process?

Be careful here, i have used the word design here not product beacause this is not just product specific, but i think should be applicable to all forms of design.

I will try to go to the prototyping stage of Moody, this being my first exploration of the above philosophy.


One thought on “Design ‘+’ Nature

  1. gleefuldesigns

    Your observations are very true and profound. The implications of it are huge especially at this juncture of time when there are always issues of sustainability doing the rounds. Hence redundant and cumbersome designs are slowly being replaced by the new generation of smart products and services. All the best for your chair endeavour But I feel that although the concept is fine you have not yet explored it fully.I am sure you will do that 🙂

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