My Planet Earth


It is the submission for the event 24 Frames under Manthan’09 -The inter hostel cult-fest. The provided theme was “My Planet Earth”. The competition wanted 3 min. movies to be made using only photographs.

This was made in 2 days, has total of about 270 photographs. The final result is quite rough and shaky due to unavailability of tripod and being shot over a period of 2 days.

I tried to depict the human nature of overlooking the effects of the things we do and finally our desperate attempts to make things better again.The painting never recovers the green parts fully even till the end; this was done to depict that the consequences are long term and need proper attention to be really corrected.

Team – Yashasvy, Shashank , Sasikanth, Jasmeet


2 thoughts on “My Planet Earth

  1. the last paragh is something new.. never noticed it when i first saw the video.. nice thought!
    i liked the approach – mainly because i’m a sucker for stop-motion films 🙂

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