Morals – always??


This was a stopmotion i made under my 6th sem course, Animation Fundamentals. Took 3 sittings to make this. Not really the way i wanted it, but compared to amount of effort i put in this, it came out satisfactory. The submission was already too late [:P].

The idea came from seeing numerous cups lying in our studio, availability of whiteboards all around me and a desperation to complete a stop-motion with an original idea in 3 days or nights to be more precise; and yes last but not the least, forceful inclusion of a moral. This excersice left me thinking…… do we always need well stated morals?

Anyways, the stop-motion was completed neverthless in expected time. Thanks vivek and jagriti 🙂

Team – Vivek, Jagriti, Jasmeet


2 thoughts on “Morals – always??

  1. it was fun working on a stop motion and it turned out gud as per the efforts …..
    AND maybe we can still try out the rajnikanth waala sequence 😛 ….

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