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The system tries to utilize the immense availability of no. of vehicles on any particular moment on the road. The inspiration is derived from the concepts of car sharing and usual tendency of taking lifts (which still most of the people don’t prefer to give).

The output is a system with availability of vehicles at any given moment with multiple possibilities to reach a destination. The benefits lie in the terms of “sharing the journey” rather than the vehicle, giving an advantage on social, financial and enviormental level.

The system can be modified with minor tweaks to suite different localities internationally. The system seems more suitable for developing nations.

In the rawest stage it makes it possible for almost anyone to use the system. As of now the system has it’s own drawback in terms of safety issues. Addition of any other constraints seems to make the system more complicated.

Direct Benefits

  • better commuting facilities
  • reduced traffic density
  • reduction of cost of travel
  • theoretically a 24/7 facility

Indirect Benefits

  • lesser pollution
  • decrease in new vehicles
  • catalyzes social interaction
  • invokes a sense of responsibility

I have huge doubts about how this system could be implemented or so as to how much will it be accepted by the people or what change it may trigger in the social context for that matter.

PS – btw this is the entry for a competition with theme “design for all“.



One thought on “l.i.f.t.

  1. Inder

    Well this has been explored in contexts of mobile internet sharing in CS .
    My take on this is that the following need to be kept in mind.
    1. Passenger/Driver Verification – To ensure that there is no hesitation or inappropriate behavior.
    2. If conservation of energy is the goal, then the billing mechanism must be elaborated. Things like planning in advance should be cheaper than just standing there and waiting at the very last minute.
    3. With these comes the notion of privacy, we must do these “good” things without hurting the users privacy.
    These are some basic points…. many more ……

    PS: I have posted this only because Jassi has been forcing me to 😛

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