Challenge 1 : Hello my name is | Identity


Task – creation of identity for the designer himself.

Moral– Designing for oneself is not an easy task; for it needs a certain amount of detachment from oneself to see the attributes objectively, a certain level of pseudo-externalization is needed. Once hidden attributes just become visible. It’s like stepping back from the painting to see the whole picture together. Painful at a level, the task was still a good brush up of those rotting skills and above all an aid for self – realization.

Time : 30 mins

Output :

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The selected motif is made from Initials J and S combined in the form of a musical symbol; a sweet accident i would say. Time was a constraint so i divided the whole process into six slots of five minutes each. A technique called Timeboxing. A lot of work still happened inside the head; still as much as i could pen down and scribble, i have.

Application of same as stationery is something that still needs to be worked upon. Till than, it will feature itself on the header of this blog.


2 thoughts on “Challenge 1 : Hello my name is | Identity

  1. a caveat —
    an identity aspires to.. uhm.. help create an identity. to be identified. which, among other things, means: to be recognised as being different. and facilitate recall.

    here’s an example —
    two days later, a thought may strike me, “i’d seen an interesting blog the other day.. some designer chap.. uhm, who was he.. why can’t i remember him.. hmm?!” and you know why i won’t be able to remember that chap? (chhap! chaep!) because his ‘identity’ was so massively generic that it just got lost in the melee of symbols, signs, forms, shapes and what-nots that batter me each day. the obtuse musical sign he’d employed to be his mark woefully failed to create an identity.

    so yes, while it seems ‘cool’ to you, it does fail to identify you.. and while the symbol (and more: the mark) does not need to look designer-y, it surely must be able to excite cues (in an observer’s head) that facilitate relevant recall.

    all said and done, it was only a 30 minute exercise, so that didn’t really give you much latitude. so whatever you’ve presented here = good for a start! but yes, only as a start. please don’t stop here.

    don’t mind, na?

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