Challenge 3 : Time Machine | Research, Print Advertising


Task – Select a print ad from before 1980, then redesign it.

Moral : This is one assignment that just makes you forget the world. There are too good old ads our there and its so much fun just to find them. Try this one blog for sure. Choose a product you haven’t worked on before and this just turns harder. If you like to show off humor, this is a chance not to be missed. It’s basically a redesign but nevertheless the approach you take, will turn this into something totally new.

Time : 90 mins

Output :

I ended up making four in the stipulated time. The ads are subtle in terms of message they give. The whole idea emerged from a statement “if only he could pull out in time” followed by a suggestion to use condom.

The way this one picks up pace, you really don’t want to stop making more. I guess that is why time constraint is posed.

The overall of feeling that i wanted to instill was that of sarcasm [though sadistic at times].


6 thoughts on “Challenge 3 : Time Machine | Research, Print Advertising

  1. Rohan Singh

    So you did stay up at night and work on this!

    I liked the Hammer one the best.
    That’s because it makes a connection that’s really easy to get. Drives home the point!


  2. arayans

    yes, #3 & #4 work.
    #4 is good-good overall. #3 could be meant for a specific different target-group, and isn’t as generic as #4, but is probably more effective if the campaign intends to target women/etc.

    #2 is liable to trigger a very angry revolt if it ever does get implemented. sonographs have a very positive 9and different) set of emotions that people associate with them, and ‘not wanting achild’ is surely not one of them. so yes, #2 doesnt quite work.

    #1 isn’t quite there. but it’s an idea, so (thumbs up) for that.

  3. jsmtsethi

    i agree to the possible issue with #2

    btw see them in a chronological sense [just clicked]
    #4 the act happens
    #3 pregnancy
    #2 growing baby
    #1 large family

    [ this is possibly the most random comment i have ever made…anywhere] 😛

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