Design for Education


I am itching to write about this from so long. I don’t find myself ready yet. But what i will try is to write a very short account of things and stuff going on currently.

Designing for a very specific field like education seems very interesting. I have spent around 10 months doing this and i seem to like it.

The work involves coming up with quite a lot of new ideas. The in-house culture gives a lot of focus on research and has started to accept design as a valued counterpart. It’s different from working for Tinkerable where i used to spend a lot of time with children due to which the actual work on concept took a backseat at certain times. We are experimenting alot on new ideas which makes everyday quite interesting and unique.

I hopefully will write more and will update the blog more frequently. It’s been quite a while since i wrote about something i was working on which i frankly miss.

Fingers crossed!! Hoping for a good blogging season..



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